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Strategic Direction

Our team has over 40+ years of hands-on experience.

Implementation Oversight

Ensure that your strategic action plan is followed through.

Evaluations & Insights

Utilize us as a third-party to provide non-biased, fair evaluations.

Development & Mentoring

Ongoing training and support for your team to grow and flourish.

CEO Evaluation

We can provide an objective viewpoint to assess your CEO?s accountability accurately and fairly. We can provide the insights needed to help you make your evaluation a fair one for everyone, with our 20 years experience as CEO in both small and large credit unions.

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Board Evaluation

Board evaluations are necessary and often come as a nuisance process rather than part of an enrichment process. We develop a comprehensive evaluation process and ensure you have the tools to lead and lead effectively.

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Strategic Planning

We can help develop your strategy and drive it forward. We take your Board through a thorough examination of your strategic logic and set of assumptions, drilling down into the recommendations so that they are clearly understood and supported.

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Succession Planning

Every organization needs to ensure it has a plan for the exit, retirement, emergency coverage for its most critical employee. Our succession planning includes scenario-based exercises to ensure the risks of losing key people is well planned.

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Governance Consulting

We assist teams with their own self-recognition of the stages they may be at, recognizing them and working through positive and productive resolution through exploration and communication.

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CEO Compensation

We act as a mediator, ensuring the Board?s perspective and the CEO?s best interests are taken into account in a balanced fashion, counselling each side to find the right deal that is best for each party.

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Executive Development

We take your young stars, and help to groom them to the next level of senior ranks. We can help your team explore, question, and look at things from many different directions. We help push learning to a new level with external time and focus.

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Helping you maneuver through complexity.

As a Board member, new or experienced, your responsibilities for strategic leadership are critical to your credit union?s success. Leading a credit union in this new era of consumer financial choice has become more complex than ever before and yet you continue to need to set a strategic direction, oversee its implementation, and ultimately evaluate its merits. All while taking into consideration, the competition, the changing regulatory environment, and the engagement of your key stakeholders ? employees and members.
Entel Financial Group is here to help you maneuver through this complexity. We can help you with CEO and Board evaluations, strategic planning (including Board vs CEO roles), and perhaps the most awkward ? CEO compensation negotiation. They can be difficult waters to navigate, but with our 40+ years of management experience and guidance at your side, you?ll be equipped with the strategic support you need to make the decisions that matter most to your credit union.

Entel Financial Group is currently not seeking new consulting clients at this time.