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CEO Compensation

As a long-time CEO I can tell you that trying to negotiate a compensation agreement with your Board is easily one of the most awkward processes you can imagine. Whether it is that original contract to take on the new role, or later as you feel you?ve proven some or much of your value, the process is rampantly uncomfortable and fraught with danger.
Its equally uncomfortable for the Board as they strive to balance duty to the organization with ensuring their CEO is motivated and feels appreciated. Most times, both sides are left feeling they weren?t totally honest in dealing with all issues and resolve to the end, simply to move forward. It leaves some potential relationship bumps that can either smooth over time or create roadblocks.
How much more effective would a mediator be, ensuring the Board?s perspective and the CEO?s best interests were balances by talking independently to each party, airing, venting, preparing each case and counselling each side to find the right deal that you know confidently is comfortable for each party?
Add to that, the ability to review third party information gathered and insert its objectivity into the presentations and you have real value for what historically has been somewhat uncomfortable and often less than ideal.
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