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CEO Evaluation

It has been said many times: ?The single most important decision a Board can make is the choice of your CEO.?
Not much doubt about that, but after the decision to hire, there is much more to that relationship and how your Board handles its duties in that regard can make or break the value of your original decision.
You want to be able to assess the CEO?s accountability accurately and fairly but also objectively. How does a credit union do this effectively? Who do you source the information from? Who analyzes that information keeping in context all the nuances that are unique to your organization? You can rely on internally produced reports and comments but how objective are they? And most third parties may not understand your credit union?s conscious decisions that have had some impact on the numbers.
Tough waters to navigate indeed and some Boards can use assistance in getting to a fair and thorough evaluation. This is where I believe I can help through 42 years in the credit union industry, over 20 as a CEO in both small and large credit unions.
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