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Governance Consulting

Boards are teams and one of the things that I learned in leading Canada?s National Team and taking one of Canada?s first Level Four coaching certifications, is that teams can only be their most productive after they?ve learned how to perform together.
There is a generally accepted process for team building in the coaching ranks and while teams are recognized in the management world, the process of needed team building is seldom considered by Boards for themselves. Bruce Tuckman established a theory of team development where he ascribes to four key stages: ?Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing?. Each stage is an inevitable part of both the team?s journey to full productivity and at the same time an important part and consideration for each of the team member?s own development evolution.
With my background in coaching, training, CEO and Board work, I am confident that I can assist teams with their own self-recognition of the stages they may be at and this will stand as a valuable tool in becoming a very productive group. Often times of Board conflict or CEO/Board relationship denigration is because of the issues described in some of these team formation stages. Recognizing them and working through positive and productive resolution is only done through exploration and communication.
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